2018 Competition

The Tahona Society Collective Spirit Competition is a challenge to bartenders:

Design and enact an initiative, event or project based out of your bar, to increase sustainable practices, help the local community, or improve the wellbeing of your fellow bar staff.


The categories included in The Collective Spirit Project are:

- Bartender Welfare - improving the working life and health of bar staff

- Social engagement - improving lives in the community, encouraging local creativity, supporting local producers

- Upcycling & recycling - getting creative to reuse anything that would normally be thrown away or abandoned

- Resources and waste - Reduce consumption of energy and resources, or cutting down on trash

- Environment - Protecting animals and the land, ethical farming


Altos is hosting several Tahona Society events, where you will learn more about the Collective Spirit project, discover some inspirational projects happening around the world and close to home, as well as meeting fellow Tahona Society familia-members. All of this will help you develop your own idea for a project, which you can enact in your own bar and present as a Collective Spirit Competition entry.


To join: look at this  calendar of events and contact your Altos rep or visit this page to