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At Altos we spend a lot of time thinking about how to improve our distillery, our tequila-making process and our way of doing business. And we don’t mean increasing efficiency, reducing costs and increasing profit. We mean making everything better in the long term. Making working conditions better for our employees and partners; taking better care of the people of the Jalisco state where we work; and caring for the environment around us.

As we travel the world meeting bartenders, we are finding more and more who share our values and who want to make similar improvements in the bars. We know because we’ve spoken to you, part of our familia, about this subject. And we’re convinced now is the time to do something - just look at the popularity of reducing the use of plastic straws (which do not biodegrade and end up in the sea). And so, the Tahona Society wants to work with you to achieve something fantastic.

The Tahona Society Collective Spirit Competition is a challenge to bartenders:

Design and enact an initiative, event or project based out of your bar, to increase sustainable practices, help the local community, or improve the wellbeing of your fellow bar staff.

The projects can be big or small - think of the first shop that charged 10 cents for a plastic bag. That’s a small change. But once that started rolling out across the world, it can have a major effect. The Tahona Society will promote the winning project globally - so your little improvement could revolutionize the bar world.